How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are the most used and common household appliances that provide you with a fresh cup of coffee after you wake up. But one thing you should not forget that the high levels of moisture can easily cling to mold and bacteria.

Thus, drip filter coffee makers need to be cleaned after every use. Also, it should be deep cleaned monthly to remove hard water deposits, leftover coffee oils or any other impurities.

Just a little elbow grease and you can easily clean your coffee maker. Read Kitchenguyd’s review on drip coffee maker for more information. Let’s see how you can do this.

Cleaning Your Coffee Maker After Each Use

Disassemble the coffee maker: Take out the removable parts of the coffee maker such as the pot, the brew basket. You should always clean these removable parts of the coffee maker separately.

Wash the removable parts: Immerse these removable parts in warm and soapy water, and wash them using a dish rag. You can clean these parts in the same way you would wash dishes.

Remember that the glass pots can be breakable, so make sure you clean the glass pot of the coffee maker attentively. Some of the parts can be easily washed in a dishwasher, check the manual before washing.

Wipe down the outside of the machine: Wipe down the outside of the machine using a wet and soapy rag. Properly clean the sides and remove any coffee grinds from the warming plate. Once you are done with this step, wipe off any soap suds with a clean and dry rag.

Reassemble your machine: After all the parts are dry, assemble all the removable parts again. Try to clean your machine regularly like this.

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Cleaning Your Coffee Maker

Deep Cleaning Your Coffee Maker

Add vinegar and water solution to your coffee maker: Fill the coffee maker with the mixture using half white vinegar and half water. The correct amount depends on the size of your coffee maker but adds enough to fill the reservoir. Pour the mixture into the reservoir.

Let the coffee machine run half a brew cycle: Turn on the machine and keep an eye on it while it is brewing. When the pot is about half full of filtered vinegar/water mixture, turn off the pot.

Let the coffee maker rest for an hour: Set the timer for one hour and let the coffee pot rest for this period of time. Doing so will help the vinegar to rest in the machine and clean out any mold.

Complete the brew cycle: After one hour is complete, turn on the machine again. Let it run the rest of the brew cycle. Once everything is done, filter the vinegar/water mixture into the pot. Now, pour down the mixture in the sink.

Run two brew cycles with plain water: Fill the coffee pot with clean water and pour into the reservoir. Run a complete brew cycle. Once done, pour the water out and run a brew cycle again with clean water. This step helps to clean any vinegar out of the coffee maker.

Wipe down the coffee maker: After cleaning the coffee maker, use a clean and damp rag. Using the rag, clean the exterior of the machine to remove any dirt and debris. Also, always remember that you should remove coffee grinds from the warming plate.

Deep Cleaning Your Coffee Maker

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